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Do you have a lot of debt that is becoming unmanageable? Credit card debt? Medical bills? Department store charge cards? Past due utility bills? College costs? And so on.

There are many types of debts out there that pile up and cause anxiety, fear and incredible stress but those debts and that stress can usually be eliminated and made manageable again, so you can get your life back on track.

In todays world where store after store is pushing customers to sign up for another credit card and the cost of every basic need is going up and up, it’s no wonder people find themselves up to their eyeballs in debt.

Despite the misleading claims of low inflation, the fact is consumers are getting screwed every way imaginable. Health insurance costs are higher and deductibles are now ridiculously high so most people are heavily out-of-pocket for the most basic medical needs with little help from their high-deductible insurance policy.

Property taxes in many states have gone up astronomically. Food costs are skyrocketing. Most necessities have gone up dramatically even though these indisputable facts do not show up in the misleading government inflation statistics. And the big kicker is that those who worked hard and played by the rules and actually saved money can no longer get any meaningful return on those savings. That’s because interest rate returns on savings, at well under 1% are insultingly low. All this has caused citizens to deplete their savings and go deeper and deeper into debt.

So, most of us who are buried in debt are NOT deadbeats but are victims of a twisted, out-of-control financial system that most folks don’t even understand because this scenario has been going on getting worse for the past 30 years and it is now the norm. The painful new normal is the only financial enviornment most people know. Sad but true.

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Perhaps you’re wondering if a debt consolidation loan is for you. If so, then you’re definitely in the right place. Today we can show you how to fix the problem and make it manageable so you can get back to living your life and stop the worrying about how to pay your bills.

U.S. Residents are able to get debt relief from a number of different programs now available. There are many alternatives to the drastic move of filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has a lot more long-term effects that will severely harm your credit and financial reputation. But, by answering a few simple questions or spending a few minutes on the phone, we will help you find he right debt solution for your situation.

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Debt consolidation can be complicated but we can help. At the source, it is a method of taking your existing unsecured debts and putting them together into one low payment and stable interest rate.

Enrolling into a debt consolidation program means that a counselor will take a look at your situation, which includes any outstanding debts, how much money you make, and how much of that money can go toward your monthly payments. Their goal is to help you pay as much as you can and get your debts down. The moment they have a handle on your situation, they will start sending out proposals to your creditors in an effort to get your interest rate down. They can also try to get rid of your late fees and other penalties. All of the creditors that agree to the plan will sign on and enter your debt management plan.

The whole goal of all of this is to not only streamline your life so you’re only making one payment a month, but to also ensure that you pay
more toward your principal balance instead of it all going toward interest. This means that instead of spending a bunch of money on
monthly payments at higher interest rates, you can get your debt rid of faster, and save more money in the long run.

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One mistake a lot of people make is assuming that debt consolidation and debt consolidation loans are the same exact thing. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You need to know the differences. As we mentioned earlier, debt consolidation is about taking your individual debts and putting them together under one payment and one interest rate. This way you can pay it off faster and by spending less money on interest. This is done through a credit counseling agency. Meanwhile, a debt consolidation loan is about taking your high-interest loans and putting them into one, lower-interest loan.

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Basically, a debt consolidation loan takes unsecured debt and helps you pay it off with money that comes from a more secured loan. This means you need to put up some collateral or other assets to qualify for the secured loan. Otherwise, you won’t be approved. The resulting issue is that you end up with new credit card charges. This ends up with people having new high-interest credit card debt as well as the loan payments. You might say that the situation has gotten worse for that person. This is why we highly suggest that you look at some other options before applying for a debt consolidation loan. For one thing, you might look into general debt consolidation through an agency. You can not only reduce your debts but also learn how to budget better. Call Us Today Or Fill Out The Form And Get A FEE Debt Relief Analysis Today.


Everyone has a unique financial situation with their debt. Just like everyone has a reason for getting into debt in the first place. Sometimes you lose income. Sometimes you have medical expenses. Other times you have a crisis. But regardless of why you’re falling behind, debt consolidation can help you manage the financial issues that you’re having. Understanding how much you can save comes down to how much you owe on a monthly basis and overall, the current interest rates you’re paying, and the penalties and late fees you already have. A debt consolidation program will give you more structure to follow and the kind of payment plan that helps you get through the tough times. Now you can pay off your debts faster.